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The Stupidest Angel

Hakkasin lõpuks normaalset raamatut lugema ja ma pole jõudnud eriti kaugele, aga juba tean, et see on nii-ii hea noh.

Her girlfriends, all of them married or paired up with semipermanent boyfriends, told her that he needed to be single for a while. That, of course, was total bullshit. She knew herself, liked herself, washed herself, dressed herself, bought herself presents, took herself out on dates, and even had sex with herself from time to time, which always ended better than it used to with Dale.

“Oh, that get-to-know-yourself stuff will send you full-blown batshit,” said her friend Molly Michon. “And believe me, I am the uncrowned queen of batshit. Last time I really got to know myself it turned out there was a whole gang of bitches in there to deal with. I felt like the receptionist at a rehab center. They al had nice tits, though. I gotta say. Anyway, forget that. Go out and do stuff for someone else. That’s much better for you. ‘Get to know yourself’ – what good is that? What if you get to know yourself and find out you’re a total harpy? Sure, I like you, but you can’t trust my judgment. Go do something for other people.”

Christopher Moore, “The Stupidest Angel. A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror”

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