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Loen üht oma salablogi, mida ma pidasin pingelistel 2007-2008 aastatel ja leidsin sealt ühe lõigu, mis sobib kui rusikas silmaauku iseloomustamaks käesolevaid aegu. Aeg liigub ringides.

Actually, there are times when I think I will never be okay again. That this is what I deserve for being egoistic narcissist. That this is all karma finding ways to kick me in the nuts. Over and over again.

And there are times when I think that of course all will be okay. That this time is meant for me to regroup myself, to find my inner peace again, to finish my book and to start studying again. These times win. Of course, there are battles. I battle with myself every day when I wake up. I battle to open my eyes and to log myself in to my email account. I battle to open Word, to send emails, to work. I battle every time my phone rings, and I battle when it doesn’t.

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