mina ju tean seda…


…mida Crankymonkeys kirjutab:

…Sometimes postnatal depression doesn’t hit you like a bus – it just kind of creeps up on you.

You can take care of the baby, you’re affectionate and loving towards your baby, but you feel like your head’s in a cloud… and that cloud that you initially think is just the baby blues, just drags on and on and on… and before you know it, you have become someone very anxious, very easily irritable and very sleepy.  You have become someone who doesn’t feel like you. Someone who’s constantly scared of something bad happening to your children. Someone who gets annoyed at the smallest of things. Someone who can be uncharacteristically unkind to those around you.

For those whom PND doesn’t hit like a bus, life can be a very frustrating fog for a long time, with many ups as well as downs, before the realisation comes that this is not normal. That this is not you. That this is not who you want to be for the rest of your life.


…mind ümbritsevad arvavad ikka, et see olengi mina. Mitte haigus. And I get no breaks.

Tegelikult tahtsin ma ainult viidata ja üldse mitte sel teemal hetkel rohkem peatuda. Kindlasti saab sellest kirjutatud, aga mitte praegu.