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Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric

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This post is in English because first, the show is in English and second, I really want Aron to know that I have crush on him now. Also, if you don’t understand English, this particular event isn’t for you anyway and reading about it in Estonian wouldn’t make much difference.

So yesterday I hauled my ass out of the Chaos Apartment, took Naabrinaine with me and went out to have fun. First of all – it was my own fault that I forgot to buy tickets at the right time and paid 250 kroons for them which was A LOT. Because I’m used to getting good comedy for free (at Möku) or for 50 kroons (at Wilde), so it was my first time to actually pay for this stuff. (‘Cause, 50 kroons is like two beers and that’s NOTHING.)

The fact that it was my own fault didn’t stop me whining about the price to Eric and Louis, but as Eric said: “You’ll be getting comedy for 300 kroons tonight, so you’ll be okay”, and he was right. I GOT the comedy and even the facts that they didn’t sell non-alcoholic beer (fail, fail, fail!), their seats were crazy-uncomfortable and my body started hurting during sets, I really did enjoy myself.

First up they offered some magic stand up or stand up magic in the form of young, very awkward thin boy called Luddini. He reminded me of one of my university mates and every time he opened his mouth or stumbled with his trembling fingers I imagined it was him on the stage and that made it all funnier. And you know what – occasionally he was REALLY funny and surprisingly – there was magic! So he wasn’t just fooling around.

“Very funnysh Finnyland” guy Sampo Luoto was the most depressingly funny Finnish guy I have ever seen in my entire life. His English sounded so much like Finnish that when you forgot about listening very hardly and let your mind wander, in few minutes’ time you didn’t understand a word of this Finenglish. I really wanted to squeeze his bald little head and tell him that it’s okay. We know that Estonian men look like Finnish women and we are scared as well.

You are not alone in this, my friend. Of course, some of his jokes were too much for me and crossed some boundaries, but all-in-all, he was precious. Also, I love good Hitler jokes. (He didn’t look like at all what he looks like on the picture. I didn’t think it was physically possible for him to smile.)

Then there was Andrei Tuch, I’ve seen him every time I’ve gone to stand up shows and if I’m honest, he’s starting to bore me a bit. It’s like Stewart who always tells the same jokes. Okay, Andrei had some new material and I have to say, he looks better every time, more confident and not as awkward (yesterday he looked like some evil genius with his beard-thingy and red-black combo). But every freaking time he says “Bitch, I’m from Lasnamäe”, I die a little inside. Because, really, I get it. You are from Lasnamäe and think it’s funny to call your girlfriend bitch. But it was only funny the first time.

Which brings me to Aron Flame, or as I call him as of yesterday, my own secret pocket version of Dylan Moran (also he is much closer to me physically, as Dylan lives in Ireland). Usually after comedy nights I go home and spend following days having crush on Louis (which involves Twitter-stalking and some unmentionable dreams), but this time Louis is safe and Aron, well, is not. Because he was cynical, funny, dark, sarcastic, depressed, drank wine, made fun of beating children and foreskins (sorry, not beating foreskins but just foreskins) and he is much more beautiful than Dylan Moran. Which is, as you all know, EVERYTHING I look for in man (although Moran’s hair is particular fetish of mine). I mean, look at him for God’s sake! He looks like… I don’t know, something really sexy and attractive, dipped in the sauce of Dylan Moran. I only wished he would’ve smoked on the stage – as a matter of fact, I DO hope he smokes because if he doesn’t, he loses much of his charm. It would be like finding out he’s vegan. Or conservative.

Next time I won’t hesitate to let Eric and Louis entertain me but I really hate the fact that the seats are impossible to sit on and it’s impossible to get around during break (and after). But it’s still pretty cool to see the guys who I first saw at Möku this spring doing their first sets in Estonia getting more successful and popular. And I’m even getting used to Eric’s new hairdo and Louis’ intensity. It was ABOUT TIME that someone brought stand up comedy to Estonia! We are finally there, in The League of Respectable Countries. Now there’s only left Starbucks and Burger King and we can finally call ourselves CIVILIZED.

PS: If you don’t go to stand up shows at Drink Baar or at Prive next time, you’re letting the terrorists win.